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RJM Engineering Participates in MDQI’s Construction and Engineering Career Day

RJM Engineering took part in MDQI’s Construction and Engineering Career Day, held on April 3, 2014 at the Timonium Fairgrounds. The goal of the program is to introduce the students to civil engineering and the related careers, while inviting the students to ask questions about the various areas of expertise. Disciplines represented at the event included civil/roadway design, geotechnical engineering, traffic engineering, structural engineering, landscape architecture, hydraulic/hydrologic engineering, and surveying.

Two of RJM’s engineers took part in the event, which hosted nearly 600 Baltimore County high school students. Thomas Kozakiewicz discussed hydraulics/hydrology and Claude Strayer led discussions regarding roadway design.


Claude Strayer (left) presented roadway design and Thomas Kozakiewicz (right) presented hydraulics/hydrology.

RJM Engineers Pass Greenroads Sustainable Transportation Professional Exam

RJM engineers, Mark Schneck, PE, CFM, STP and Claude Strayer, EIT, STP, are the first to pass the Greenroads Sustainable Transportation Professional (STP) exam in the State of Maryland. The Greenroads Foundation is an independent, third party non-profit corporation 501(c)(3) and features a project rating system similar to LEED. The Greenroads rating system measures the sustainability of roadway design and construction projects. Mark and Claude’s STP certification will prepare RJM for the future of sustainability in transportation design and construction projects.


First Annual Maryland Quality Initiative (MDQI) Bridge Building Competition

RJM engineers, Lauren Clark, Kevin Dascall, Thomas Bator, and Thomas Kozakiewicz participated in the First Annual Maryland Quality Initiative (MDQI) Bridge Building Competition. Clark and Dascall, both Engineers-in-Training (EIT) competed with Professional Engineers (PE), some who specialize in structural design, and finished in sixth place.

The competition took place during the annual MDQI conference, with 24 teams from various engineering firms competing. Each team planned, designed, and constructed a wooden bridge spanning 20 inches using craft sticks and weighing no more than 400 grams. The wooden bridges were then loaded to failure and an “efficiency rating” was calculated based upon the weight the bridge held in pounds divided by the weight of the bridge in grams.

Clark and Dascall’s bridge, shown below, earned an efficiency rating of 1.025. Congratulations to all of the teams who took part in the competition!


Kevin Dascall and Lauren Clark holding their bridge constructed for the First Annual MDQI Bridge Building Competition.

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