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Utility Engineering

We can provide a broad range of design services for water/wastewater needs including water/sewer mains, pipelines, pumps, storage tanks and structural design for vaults. We can provide utility design for a wide range of facilities for commercial and industrial use.


Lexington Streetscape Improvements, City of Baltimore DOT


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Utility Engineering Projects

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    Water Main Replacement & Sewer Rehabilitation

    Washington Suburban Sanitary Commission

    RJM Engineering was responsible for the preparation of design plans and profiles for storm drains, water mains including permit acquisitions, and sewer replacements at Oxon Hill, University of Maryland College Park, Aspen Hill Park, New Carrollton, and Tantallon, Maryland. RJM’s services included the following:

    • Developed storm drain, water and sanitary sewer plans addressing all sanitary and water relocations and new on-site connections
    • Designed storm drain, water and sanitary sewer profiles, including all utility crossings, and details
    • Prepared storm drain and sanitary sewer design computations
    • Addressed review comments, and obtained technical approval from WSSC
    • Identified, applied and acquired WSSC on-site permits
    • Provided construction administration services to review contractor submittals related to storm drain, sanitary and water design, and certified the testing of the water and sanitary sewer systems

    All sanitary sewer design work was in accordance with the WSSC Pipeline Design Manual and WSSC Standard Details.


    Services Provided

    • Building structural design
    • Retaining wall
    • Parking lot
    • Stormwater management
    • Construction phase services

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    Colgate Water Storage Tank

    Baltimore County

    RJM Engineering, as a sub-consultant, prepared the site piping plans and valve vault structural designs including the appropriate specifications and construction phase services of a new 0.5-million gallon elevated water storage tank to replace the existing Colgate tank, located at 440 Simmons Avenue, Baltimore, Maryland. Piping included a 16-inch tank supply line and an overflow/drain line to the existing storm drain. The project consisted of four stages – site evaluation, preliminary design, final design and engineering services during construction phase, including the following items:

    • Review record drawings and GIS data
    • Investigate alignments for the 16-inch influent piping and locations for tank overflow discharge
    • Prepare piping and vault plans
    • Prepare specifications
    • Review shop drawings and respond to Contractor’s RFIs

    Services also included coordination of underground utility locating/testing services.


    Services Provided

    • Piping and vault plans
    • Construction phase services

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    Utility Relocation and Coordination for Purple Line

    Maryland Transit Administration

    As a sub-consultant on the Purple Line GEC team, RJM provided utility coordination support along the proposed Purple Line transit alignment located in Montgomery & Prince George’s counties for approximately 20 miles. Services included obtaining existing and proposed utility mapping information from utility companies, researching the utility mapping, field verification of overhead line locations and pipe directions in drainage manholes, and preparing MicroStation utility files.

    For gas lines along this project, RJM contacted Washington Gas to acquire gas line as-built drawings and design manuals, and identified potential conflicts requiring relocation. RJM updated model utility files, adjusted gas line layouts based on discussions in utility coordination meetings, and provided QA/QC reviews for relocation designs.


    Services Provided

    • Utility research and coordination