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Structural Inspections

We provide structural condition inspection for most types of transportation structures. Our experience in highway structures includes bridges, interchange ramps, retaining walls, cantilever and other highway signs, signal poles, highmast and other lighting poles, noise walls and culverts. Rail structures have included bridges, retaining walls, catenary poles, passenger stations, tunnels, viaducts and other aerial structures. Our staff is certified in NHI Safety Inspection of In-Service Bridges and performing load ratings using AASHTO Virits, Merlin Dash and Discus software.


MTA Biennial Inspections for Metro Aerial Structures & Bridges


Crew operating a lift during inspection of an overpass structure

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Structural Inspections Projects

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    Condition Inspection for Bridges, Toll Facilities, Lighting and Sign Structures

    Maryland Transportation Authority

    As part of the Maryland Transportation Authority’s 2013 annual inspection program, RJM provided the following services:

    • Drive-through visual inspections of roadway elements within the paved portion of the roadway including pavement, shoulders, gutters, curbs, inlets, reflectors, and striping
    • Drive-through visual inspections of traffic safety elements including barriers, guard rails, reflectors, impact attenuators, sand barrels, small signs, and light poles
    • “Hands-on” inspections of 13 ground-mounted sign structures and five bridge-mounted sign structures, checking for deficiency present in foundations, base plates and anchor rods, posts and web members, arm/truss, sign panels, and VMS and surface coatings, including checking bolt tightness, welds, and verifying thickness of the steel poles at the bases of the signs (using “D-meter”)
    • Interim inspections of 18 bridges south of the Fort McHenry Tunnel, according to MdTA OEC Facilities Inspection Manual
    • “Hands-on” inspection of structural elements of toll plazas
    • Coordinate maintenance of traffic services for the inspections

    RJM’s construction inspection staff continually update their training and certifications, including certifications in National Highway Institute Safety Inspection of In-Service Bridges and Fracture Critical Inspection Techniques for Steel Bridges.


    Services Provided

    • Structural inspection of bridges
    • Toll facilities
    • Lighting and overhead sign structures
    • Inspection of roadway elements

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    MTA Biennial Inspections for Metro Aerial Structures & Bridges

    Maryland Transit Administration

    RJM Engineering has been providing hands-on structural inspections for miscellaneous Metro structures system-wide in several past inspection cycles. In the most recent inspections, the types of structures have included 6,000 feet of retaining walls, eight culverts, four stand alone substations located at McDonough Road, Old Court, Reisterstown Plaza and West Cold Spring Lane, and 8,000 feet of concrete sound walls.

    RJM inspection staff received track access and safety training for inspections to comply with Maryland Transit Administration safety requirements. Detailed structural inspection reports were prepared to illustrate various types and severity of defects. Services also included preparation of a list of structural repairs and estimated costs for implementation of the suggested repairs.


    Services Provided

    • Structural inspection of retaining walls, culverts, substations and sound walls

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    Safety Inspections of Highway Bridges and Support Structures for Traffic Devices

    Virginia Department of Transportation

    RJM Engineering provided safety inspection services of bridge structures along I-95 in VDOT’s Fredricksburg District. RJM’s scope of services consisted of:

    • Review previous inspection reports
    • Perform routine inspections of bridge components including hands-on inspections of fatigue prone details and fracture critical members
    • Identify, evaluate and code bridge defects on general roadway alignments, decks, superstructures, substructures and bearings, as well as asbestos screening
    • Prepare inspection reports and updated sketches, including updating Pontis, and identifying preventative maintenance and high priority findings

    RJM also provided inspection services for overhead sign structures in the Fredericksburg District, including the following items:

    • Review of available data including sign structure plans and previous inspection reports
    • Perform “hands-on” inspections on poles, chord members and sign attachments; identify defects; photograph significant defects; obtain minimum vertical clearance measurements over each lane and each shoulder
    • Report to VDOT any structural defects that require immediate actions
    • Input inspection findings into the database and generate reports for each sign structure

    RJM also arranged for maintenance of traffic services and secured necessary equipment for the inspection activities.


    Services Provided

    • Structural inspection of bridges and overhead sign structures