Traffic Engineering
Transportation Engineering

Traffic Engineering

RJM has been providing high quality traffic engineering services for over 15 years. Our expertise covers traffic engineering studies, Synchro model development, intersection analysis, accident and capacity analysis, traffic data collection, signal design, signing and marking, and design for maintenance of traffic during construction.


Signal Designs, Statewide; Maryland State Highway Administration


RJM crew recording data from a traffic monitoring device

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Traffic Engineering Projects

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    Signal Designs, Statewide

    Maryland State Highway Administration

    RJM Engineering has been providing signal design services statewide for the Maryland State Highway Administration for over ten years. Typical projects serve to replace aging equipment, increase operational efficiency or enhance pedestrian/vehicular safety. RJM has experience with projects ranging from installation of Hazard Identification Beacons (HIBs) to new fully systemized traffic signals. Signal modification projects include video detection upgrades, emergency vehicle signal pre-emption, interconnect systemization, and installation of Accessible Pedestrian Signals and Countdown Pedestrian Signals (APS/CPS).

    RJM also provides related services including sidewalk ramp design for ADA compliance, signing, pavement marking, geometric design and intersection modeling.


    Services Provided

    • Traffic signal design
    • Intersection design
    • Sidewalk ramps
    • ADA compliance
    • Signing
    • Pavement marking

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    Travel Modeling and Intersection Improvement Studies, Statewide

    Maryland State Highway Administration

    RJM Engineering is currently providing intersection improvement studies and Synchro model development for various corridors statewide. Types of services include capacity and safety studies for intersections and corridors to evaluate the existing conditions and design new facilities.

    Maintenance of traffic alternative analyses are performed by modeling and evaluating proposed maintenance of traffic alternatives using Synchro and Quickzone. These projects frequently include field observations and surveys, crash data analyses, traffic data collections, travel time runs for Synchro model updates, Synchro modeling of existing and proposed conditions, capacity analyses, and cost estimates for capacity improvements.

    RJM is also providing technical support to the Travel Forecasting Division (TFD). An example project is support services in developing balanced traffic volumes for all I-495 segments, ramps and intersecting roads that situate within Maryland. RJM’s scope of work included developing a background map based on Maryland Grid Maps, and placing volume data on the appropriate mainline, ramps and intersecting roads on the background map.


    Services Provided

    • Intersection studies
    • Synchro modeling
    • Traffic analysis
    • Travel forecasting

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    Transportation Planning Studies

    City of Baltimore Department of Transportation

    RJM provided studies and data collection as a sub-consultant for multiple planning projects throughout the City of Baltimore. The following are several example projects:

    • Lexington Market Area Study – RJM provided traffic data collection for intersection turning movement counts, physical characteristics inventory of the roadways and intersections, parking lot inventory, capacity analysis of five intersections, and identified potential improvements and enhancements.
    • Middle Branch Transportation Plan – RJM provided transportation and roadway network inventory survey, traffic analysis, AM/PM peak-hour turning movement counts and machine volume counts.
    • Midtown Cultural District Streets Cape Concept Development – RJM provided transportation and roadway network inventory, GIS mapping and AM/PM peak-hour turning movement counts.
    • Park Circle Alternative Analysis – RJM performed 13-hour turning movement counts and 7-day machine volume counts at multiple intersections.
    • Baltimore Casino Traffic Impact Study – RJM provided 15 peak-hour turning movement counts and five 7-day machine volume counts, and prepared count reports.


    Services Provided

    • Traffic data collection
    • Roadway inventories
    • GIS mapping