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Erosion / Sediment Control

We are thoroughly familiar with erosion/sediment control requirements and regulations in the geographic areas we serve. We are very experiences in permit acquisition and maintain good communications with the permitting agencies for our projects. RJM Engineering has successfully completed projects in Maryland, Virginia, Delaware and District of Columbia, using local codes and standards.


Crownsville Veterans Cemetery Stormwater Remediation


Anne Arundel County Library Construction

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Erosion / Sediment Control Projects

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    Crownsville Veterans Cemetery Stormwater Remediation

    Maryland Department of General Services

    RJM Engineering provided design services for the remediation of a storm drain outfall failure at the Crownsville Veterans Cemetery. A major stormwater pipe had been undermined and broken off, causing an erosion problem that required urgent remediation. RJM provided design for a concrete headwall and storm drain pipe replacement, storm drain outfall riprap apron design and computations, stream bank regrading and stabilization using gab ion revetments, and replacement of chain link fence.

    RJM also provided design of erosion and sediment control during construction, and coordination with MDE for the erosion and sediment control permit.


    Services Provided

    • Headwall and stormdrain design
    • Erosion/sediment control
    • Permitting

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    US 40 at MD 7/MD 159 Intersection Improvements

    Maryland State Highway Administration

    RJM Engineering, as a sub-consultant, provided hydrologic/hydraulic design services for drainage, stormwater management and erosion/sediment control for the final design, PS&E and construction phase stages of this project, which included adding two left turn lanes and widening MD 7. RJM’s designs include a surface sand filter facility and three Environmental Site Design (ESD) facilities that served to enhance the stormwater management for the project.

    RJM provided erosion/sediment control design for construction of the roadway and intersection improvements, as well as the surface sand filter facility, using the Maryland Standards and Specifications for Soil Erosion and Sediment Control (1994). Erosion and sediment control was provided for two construction stages in close coordination with the maintenance of traffic sequence of construction. Erosion and sediment control features include temporary grading of ditches to provide a bypass to offsite runoff during construction, earth dikes, soil stabilization matting, silt fence and inlet protections.


    Services Provided

    • Design for drainage
    • Stormwater management
    • Erosion/sediment control

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    Route 3 Widening Project

    Virginia Department of Transportation

    Proposed improvements for this project consisted of re-aligning and widening Route 3 from a two-lane undivided road to a four-lane divided road for approximately five miles. As a sub-consultant in the preliminary engineering phase, RJM provided design services for erosion/sediment control (E/SC).

    Sediment traps, sediment basins, silt fencing, super-silt fencing, diversion dikes and clear water diversion channels were used in the E/SC design. RJM Engineering performed the design work in accordance with the current editions of Virginia Erosion and Sediment Control Handbook.


    Services Provided

    • Erosion/sediment control