Structural Engineer


Seeking a structural engineer to conduct engineering reviews and project management of local government bridge and roadway improvement projects where analysis of associated bridge structures is required.  Additionally, the applicant would be responsible for review of the major and minor bridge structure inspection reports.  Moreover, the applicant would be responsible for reviewing design plans, structural computations, foundation reports, shop drawings and other permit-related review documents, in addition to visiting manufacturing facilities that relate to development industry permit applications involving the construction of bridge and major culvert structures.

Scope/Statement of Work and Technical Specifications:

Personnel Requirements:

  1. Timeframe Needed: 2-year Contract, with potential to extend for multiple 1-year extensions
  2. Weekly Hour Requirement: 20 hours/week (preferable) 16 hours/week (minimum)
  3. Work Hours: Anytime between 7:30 AM to 5:30 PM
  4. Work Location Requirement: Virtual location with the following qualifiers –
    • Attend office meetings as necessary. It is expected that office meetings will be minimal (approximately once/month).
    • Attend planned field meetings or perform independent field investigations, as needed. It is expected this will occur approximately two times a week.
    • Attend emergency inspections that require action during the same workday or shortly thereafter. Based on past history, this has occurred on a frequency of about once every three months.

Sample Example of Work Responsibilities:

  1. Manage culvert rehabilitation project.
  2. Review inspection data from NBIS and report and follow-up on failures noted.
  3. Review culvert plans from development projects for review/approval.

Special Expertise & Experience Required:

  1. Structural Engineering Design and bridge/culvert inspection services and knowledge. Several structures will require extensive experience with the National Bridge Inspection Standards (NBIS) and AASHTO LRFD Bridge Design Methodology to conduct load rating and structural analysis of existing bridge elements to determine capacity and required load posting.

Special Consideration or Constraints:

  1. Bentley Technologies MicroStation, latest CONNECT edition (basic level knowledge acceptable).
  2. ESRI’s ArcGIS Pro (basic level knowledge acceptable).